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The only way is up!


We have set out to bring you all the positive, encouraging help you can get - here in one easy to find place.

We aim to give you all the latest news and developments, the best ways to help yourself, to manage your life successfully, stay in control and make the most of every single day.


If you are diagnosed with Parkinson's or a Supporter we recommend you read through the whole of this site carefully.

If you are not already taking regular daily POSITIVE ACTION, we would encourage you to start right NOW. Please don't wait. Please don't find an excuse to put it off. Every day you give yourself a reason not to join our campaign to improve the quality of your lives and those of others who live with Parkinson's, will be day of your life wasted.

Your decision to join has a knock on effect. Not only will the quality of your lives improve, by the act of participating you will inspire and encourage others to join you.

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