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Here are a selection of books we recommend. The content is not always in line with traditional medical practice and you should make up your own mind, according to your own particiular circumstances before trying or adopting any of their recommendations.

1. I have got Parkinson's but it has not got me. Leif Ogard

"I just couldn't stop reading this wonderful book until I came to the end. It is a truly remarkable book. It looks at life as a "do it yourself" project. It is a book for winners and a book to be used in the "Mental Toughness Training" course."

2. 'Parkinsons, Shaken Not Stirred', by Elaine Benton. Kindle edition from Amazon or at Poetry about Parkinson's which has already acquired a considerable following. Read Elaine's story on 'Positive Parkinsons 1'

3. 'Stop Parkin and Start Livin' John C Coleman 'Reversing the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease'.

4. Parkinsons Disease the Art of Moving by John Argue

5. Living Well with Parkinson's Disease Gretchen Garie and Michael J. Church

Published in 2007 this is a comprehensive coverage and has as it's subtitle 'What the Doctor doesn't tell you that need to know'.

6.Ponderings on Parkinson's by Sarah Nock

7. Parkinson's Disease The Way Forward Dr. Geoffery Leader and Lucille Leader

This was published in 2001 and is therefore not necessarily up to date but contains useful information.

8. Parkinson's Disease Reducing Symptoms with Nutrition and Drugs Dr. Geoffery Leader and Lucille Leader. This was published in 2009.

(It should be noted we are commending books 7 and 8 despite the fact that Lucille Leader was invited to contribute information on Nutrition to this site, initially agreed but then declined to do so.)

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