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Dear Professors, Doctors, Parkinson's Nurses, Physios, Therapists,

This letter is written to you because you are experts and naturally medically inclined.

Positive Parkinson's was set up because essentially we, who founded the site, KNOW that those diagnosed with Parkinson's can ALL enjoy a much higher quality of life than the vast majority currently have.

How do we know this? From direct experience of having the disease or living with it as partners and supporters.

How is this possible and how can YOU make a VAST DIFFERENCE?

We are absolutely clear that ATTITUDE MATTERS. Indeed it is absolutely critical to the long term well being and quality of life of anyone who has been diagnosed. Those of you who make the diagnosis have a huge responsibility at the outset, for how that individual goes on to live out their life with Parkinson's. Our general experience is that at this point, the majority of medical practitioners pay relatively little attention to this critical, vital aspect.

Receiving the diagnosis of Parkinsons is a huge shock to everyone's system and very often they immediately become withdrawn and take a long time coming to terms with it. I am sure you are already well aware of this. However it is of paramount importance from the day you diagnose it, they understand how important THEIR ATTITUDE is in combating its effects. We urge you to read this site fully so you can appreciate its true importance and how much you can help.

Those of you who deal with on-going care have an equal responsibility in reminding all you see on every possible occasion of the critical importance of maintaining this positive can-do attitude. If those who have it don't work really hard at maintaining positive attitudes all the time, they quickly will succumb to the apathy, depression and general level of inactivity, which feeds upon itself, taking them into a continuing downward spiral.

It is clearly harder to get out of it, once heading downward, so the critical importance of starting out with the right attitude cannot be emphasised too much. PLEASE DO HEED THIS REQUEST. YOUR HELP CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO EVERYONE YOU DIAGNOSE OR ASSIST IN ANY WAY. Many thanks for listening.

From Positive Parkinsonians everywhere.

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