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Kinesiology, literally the study of body movement, is a holistic approach to balancing the movement and interaction of a person's energy systems. According to the Kinesiology Federation's website "it can be seen as a blend of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western techniques which enable a kinesiologist to treat you as an individual". The body's natural healing responses are stimulated by attention to reflex and acupressure points, and by using specific body movements and nutritional support.

Kinesiology Federation PO Box 269, Gosport PO12 9FG Tel 0845 260 1094 (10am until 2pm) e-mail


Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a unique technique devised by Dr Madan Kataria, a doctor from India, whereby you can learn to Laugh for no Reason. Laughter Yoga started in a park in Mumbai in 1995 with just 5 participants, and now there are over 6,000 laughter clubs in 60 different countries. You dont even need a sense of humour, no funny jokes or comedy programmes - just a willingness to laugh and in the current climate everyone needs to laugh more. Laughter Yoga is a combination of Laughter Exercises with Yogic Breathing (pranayama), so that you increase the amount of oxygen in your body whilst being playful resulting in you feeling more healthy, energised and alive. This actually changes the physiology of your body so that you start to feel happier Laughter Yoga is generally done in groups although it can be practiced alone. United Mind Tel +44 (0) 1727 741 050 email Web

Magnet Therapy

This originally originated in Ancient Egypt. It can be defined as the application of a mangetic field to living body tissue to help relieve pain and accelerate the natural healing process. Therapists claim it improves blood flow. There is no scientific evidence that this kind of therapy works, and there are many devices on the market, some of which are expensive. However in 2006 the NHS did approve this kind of treatment for leg ulcers after successful trials. There is no association or regulatory body in the UK.


There are apparently over 150 different types of massage available! Some of the most common and most popular are Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage. Parkinson's is helped by most massage approaches, but you should ensure you have an experienced and trained practitioner. Massage is essentially relaxing and loosens stiff joints and stiffness generally. Regular massage can help keep you more supple and relaxed. It is also good for anxiety.

Massage Therapy has a confusing list of Councils but the best overall body to contact for information on registered therapists who adhere to regulated standards is General Council for Massage Therapies 27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3XX

Tel 0870 850 442 e-mail Web


There are many forms of meditation with differing principles, but all teachniques aim to create a sense of calm within the mind and can help stress and illness. The best known is Transcendental Meditation, but Vipassana is another world wide technique. There are of course many other schools and approaches. Being able to contol the 'chattering' of the mind and remain calm is clearly of value to anyone diagnosed with Parkinson's but learning meditation takes practice and patience. Transcendental Meditation Tel 01695 51213


Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the use of music by trained professionals as a treatment for certain physical and mental illnesses. The music can be used to improve mobility and speech and to enable people to relax or to express feelings or ideas. Many people diagnosed with Parkinson's discover for themselves that listening to strong rhythmic music can improve their walking, prevent hesitations and overcome freezing episodes. This is especially true when music is allied to dance. A musical background is not needed to enjoy and benefit from music therapy. Association of Professional Music Therapists Usha Aravinth/Grace Walter/Lisa McGinlay

British Association for Music Therapy 24 - 27 White Lion Street, London N1 9PD Tel: 020 7837 6100 Fax:020 7837 6142

E-mail: Web

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