Nutrition for those diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease is a difficult subject on which there are a variety of opinions. We requested that Lucille Leader who is well known as an expert in this area, write something for us. She initially agreed to do so, but then declined, for reasons unknown. We have therefore decided to provide a variety of advice from sites around the world on this vital area. The advice is not always the same and you will need to read through it and come to your own conclusions.

However there are some general points which are clear.

1. Eat a healthy diet. Plenty of fruit, vegetables and fibre.

2. Ensure plenty of fibre in your diet as constipation is a problem with Parkinson's and constipation can diminish the effectiveness of the drugs prescribed. This is very important.

3. Eat a predominantly ALKALINE diet.

4. Stay well hyrdrated. Drink lots of water.

5. Ensure a good calcium intake as Brittle Bone Disease can occur often in relation to Parkinson's.

6. Avoid protein an hour before and after taking Leva Dopa.

7. Do not eat grapefruit as they contain enzymes that interfere with processing of medication in the liver.

8. Avoid monosodium glutamate, aspartame & other flavour enhancers that can interfere with nerve function.

9. See a nutritional therapist for more personalised care (particularly in relation to calcium intake which can be complex)

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Sources of information.

The following links open new windows and contain articles and information on nutrition from different sources.

1. Parkinson Disease Foundation

2. The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability

3. Healing with Nutrition

4. The American Parkinson Disease Association

5. Parkinson's Research Foundation Blog

6. Data Driven Health Solutions

NB: this site also has free automatic record keeping for those diagnosed with Parkinson's on it's home page

7. Parkinson's Disease and a Plant Based Diet

This site also sells books on Parkinson and Nutrition

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