It all started with a stiff shoulder. My osteopath thought he was not making a difference and sent me to my GP, who sent me to a neurological surgeon. I thought he would give me an injection and hey presto I would be fine. However, he told me I had Parkinsons or a brain tumour! And I needed to wait a week for an MRI scan. I had to wait two weeks because it was August. The neurologist told me I did have Parkinsons, but he wanted to do a dat scan to confirm. "Ill go now shall I?," I said. "No you will have to wait." "How long?" "4-6 weeks." I found a place in Weybridge who would do it straight away. Anyway, the dat scan confirmed I do have Parkinsons.

So what was I going to do? Firstly I tried acupuncture twice a week and Hellerwork.

I stopped using chemicals, ie hair dye, make-up etc. I buy organic food and the water in the house is chemical free.

I read John Colemans book which encouraged me. So many are negative!

I listened to a relaxation CD by David Uri, which helped if I was feeling stressed and tired.

I had glutathione infusions, which helped with sleep, energy and balance. (See Dr Perlmutter on line)

I next found Bowen, Cranio Sacral therapy and Falkenkrais, good. I tried Hypnotherapy which was hopeless.

I tried Healing which helped with energy and sleep.

I had Graston treatment to unravel muscles this worked.

Tried a neuro physsio who I found negative.

Found a good pysio on the NHS! She gave me one to one for 16 sessions to learn Lee Silverman exercises which I do every day.

I started a health diary. This was super because I could see the improvements.

I got a sleeve from Second Skin, but it is loose and I felt no change.

Tried FES which helped straighten my arm. Huge time commitment, which I felt the return not good.

It can help with walking but threw me all over the place.

Currently I dance twice a week, Lee silverman exercises, aerobics, walk.

I have discovered Conductive Education and after one session am hooked! Its a full time job having


I have neuro acupressure every six weeks , am not sure but husband thinks its good!

SUE THOMPSON November 2011