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If you want to be positive, it helps a great deal to mix with others who share your positive attitudes, so everyone can encourage and help everyone else.

There are of course already Parkinson's UK groups all around the UK. They can be very helpful, particularly helping Parkinson's members socialise together and keeping up with regular information. Some groups are particularly dynamic and operate a variety of initiatives to help members keep positive and active on an on-going basis. Others do this more occasionally. Parkinson's UK is working hard to develop all the groups and try and encourage more autonomy and activity for members who attend, with some success.

However surprisingly some 65% of people in the UK diagnosed with Parkinson's are not yet members of Parkinson's UK and we would encourage membership by those who are not. Nevertheless this leaves a large majority of those diagnosed with Parkinson's unlikely to be involved in any Parkinson specific group activity. Our experience is that small self motivated Positive Parkinson's groups of between 8 and 20 people can be a particularly dynamic group for self-help. Indeed this kind of self motivation is a help in itself, because it puts the control back in your hands.

We believe that all whilst all help and support is valuable, forming your own POSITIVE PARKINSONS group even if it is just with a few people, gives you a substantial boost. The mutual benefit of positive thinking and action, encouragement and inspiration is enormously beneficial for those that take part. It helps raise spirits and greatly improves the quality of the lives of people who belong. Further you are free to choose activities and help which you, in your small group, find most helpful. Take the initiative, why not pick up the phone or write an e-mail and start one right now??!!